Unlock Your Subconscious Mind and Make Money Come to You
Without Wasting Time on Ineffective Techniques like Vision Boards, Meaningless Mantras, Law of Attraction, and other Spiritual Fiction
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What You Will Learn From This Training:
  • How to tap into the Secret Frequency of True Manifestation
  • ​Understand why Law of Attraction, Mantras, Vision Boards, and other popular techniques DO NOT work
  • Learn to move from a vibrational state of lack, to a state of abundance
  • The Foundational tenets of vibrational engineering that creates abundance and success in all forms (no matter what your goal is)

You'll Get Answers to Questions Like...

Why Does Manifestation Seem to Work for Others but Not Me?

How Do I Overcome the Poverty I was Born into?

Why Can't I Ever Get Ahead with Finances?

From your host, RJ Spina

Welcome, my friend!

Today’s world is rife with challenges from every possible angle. We are bombarded with lies, fed poison, and steeped in corruption.

As they try to outlaw free speech, I AM here to shatter the matrix of deception with truth.

Every religious text, including the Bible, uses the word ‘Wealth’ repeatedly and in the most positive context. From Abraham to Solomon, the Blessed were all very wealthy. That is EXACTLY how it is meant for YOU and me.

I understand the most difficult of challenges. 

I know what it’s like to have my body destroyed along with my personal and financial life.

 Just as I rebuilt my permanently paralyzed and disease-ridden body in just 100 days with absolutely no blueprint or mentoring, I have since created multiple thriving businesses, written a best-selling book, inked several publishing contracts, created numerous highly successful online courses, and founded a non-profit.

We all begin at the same starting line. Every single one of us have been brain-washed into a mindset of lack and total disempowerment. 

These insidious programs of limitation are drilled into us by the matrix and buried with our subconscious mind.

Because we cannot consciously see what has been deeply implanted through severe societal condition and trauma-based mind control, we hungrily devour weak, inaccurate, and ineffective solutions in the hope of rising above the various programs of scarcity and suffering.

Ego-driven hoping, wishing, wanting, expecting, and affirming only perpetuates disempowerment. Vision boards, mantra’s, the power of belief, and the law of attraction are all born of the un-awakened mind and do not work.

That’s because none of it addresses the single most important factor in money manifestation: the vibration of lack and frequency of disempowerment we broadcast 24/7 because of our patterned subconscious mind.

95% of reality creation comes from the subconscious mind. Contrary to popular spiritual fiction, the thinking mind has very little impact upon reality creation. 

Nothing can nor will it ever work until the subconscious conditioning is brought into the awareness of the conscious mind.

By my overcoming what every expert deemed impossible in terms of my health, I have learned how to transcend all obstacles. 

What drives me – my obsession - is to share the ROADMAP of higher-consciousness metaphysics I used so everyone can live a life of abundance. 

A truly blessed life was meant for us all.

I have curated the authentic mechanics of powerful vibrational engineering, packaged it, made it simple, understandable, actionable, and repeatable so you can manifest wealth in all its forms.

By maintaining the status quo, you are ensuring your future will not change.

JOIN ME LIVE Wednesday at 7PM EST for a training and event you can’t afford to miss.

Register Below and I will see you on the other side.

I AM your holy brother,

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